Internet for Landlords

Increase your property’s appeal to prospective tenants, thrill your existing tenants with blazing fast Internet speeds delivered at an affordable price.  MetroLoop for Landlords enables landlords just like you to do just this without getting involved in the technical, billing, marketing, or regulatory side of things because we take care of everything!


Custom designed for you and your tenants

Your building is unique. So we’ll work with you to tailor a perfect solution for your tenants’ needs that discreetly hides the fibre and hardware.

Seamless conversion, minimal disruption to existing services

It’s hassle-free and there’s no additional investment from you. We’ll replace any necessary network hardware, as we prepare your building and equipment for fibre compatibility.

Maintenance and support included

All ongoing maintenance and support of the MetroLoop for Landlords service is provided by MetroLoop at no cost to the landlord.

Increase property value and appeal

As a MetroLoop connected building, your property will be more desirable to prospective tenants. You’ll be able to promote your building as a premium rental space, giving you a competitive advantage by offering advanced technology capabilities in your units.

Access to the most advanced technology available

Give your tenants the best Internet connectivity available, and move your business into the future. We are investing in your infrastructure so that you can offer your tenants access to the most advanced connectivity options available.

Future proof your property

Fibre optic technology gives you faster and more reliable Internet connections. Your tenants will get blazing fast speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Plus you get the benefit of a network that allows for speed upgrades without the hassle of replacing in-building cabling in the future.

Increase tenant satisfaction while increasing your bottom line

Distinguish your property, attract valuable new tenants, and improve your tenant satisfaction. An upgrade to fibre technology will improve your property amenities and can increase the potential resale value of your building.

Internet at the speed of business

With increased bandwidth, your daily business activities will run more smoothly. You’ll be able to upload large files, quickly stream audio and video, and access cloud-based business services and applications faster than ever.

Technology to future-proof your business

Meet the needs of your business tenants now and into the future with faster and more reliable Internet connections. Plus, MetroLoop is easy to upgrade as technology evolves.

Advanced connectivity on the most reliable network technology

Get higher speeds, advanced features and functionality, and even higher service reliability.



Delivered over fibre optic cable directly to your premises.


Flat-rate billing means no monthly usage caps. Use what you pay for freely.


Highly optimized routing paths with 300+ direct peering relationships translates to a lightning fast Internet experience.


Not that we think you’ll need us. But, if you ever do we’re here for you!


Upload and download at the same speeds, at the same time, all the time.


IPv4 / IPv6 Dual Stack enabled to support the network of tomorrow.


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