SIP Trunking

Achieve significant cost-savings and simplify your business infrastructure by consolidating your voice connectivity through SIP trunking.  All without losing any existing capabilities you may have with existing PRI ISDN or analog lines.  Increase disaster recovery and service portability with SIP trunking from MetroLoop.



Delivered exclusively over private line fibre optic or copper leased-lines to bypass Internet congestion and guarantee call privacy.


Free long-distance calling to all MetroLoop on-net rate-centres included with all voice services.


No specialized gateways, PBX cards, or cabling required.


Not that we think you’ll need us. But, if you ever do we’re here for you!


Instant fail-over capability to any backup number of your choosing should your phone system fail or connection be severed.


Consolidate voice services across office locations for significant monthly savings. Mix and match SIP, PRI, and analog services freely.


What can SIP Trunking Do?

SIP trunking allows your business to connect its IP-PBX and IP communications systems directly to a SIP service provider, reducing and sometimes eliminating the need for conventional PRI, BRI, ISDN or PSTN voice services.

What is a "trunk" in the context of SIP Trunking?

A SIP Trunk is the logical connection between provider and business defined by the IP addresses, and it could contain as many SIP sessions/ Concurrent Call Paths (CCP) as are needed.

Why do I need SIP Trunking for my business?

SIP trunking is proven to be more cost effective than multiple conventional connections to the PSTN, and can greatly simplify your network through the consolidation of voice and data connections.

Is SIP Trunking secure and reliable?

Yes, SIP trunking has been proven in large scale production environments, and is currently driving cloud adoption of enterprise communications.

Can I keep my current phone numbers?

Yes, we can transfer your existing local and toll-free telephone numbers over to your new MetroLoop services.

Will 911 still work?

Yes, MetroLoop voice services are fully e911 enabled.

Can SIP Trunking grow with my business?

Yes, SIP Trunking can grow with your business as required.  Upgrades are as easy as requesting a service upgrade.  Standard MetroLoop SIP Trunking installs can scale to approximately 10,000 concurrent calls without a truck-roll.  Service upgrades are generally completed same-day.


  • Toll-fraud prevention system
  • Geographically redundant soft-switches
  • TDM backed network
  • Instant Repair service
  • Multi-office business groups
  • Electronic billing
  • 100% Uptime target, SLA backed
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Managed CPE or fibre only demark options
  • Copper or optical hand-off
  • Call Detail Reporting (CDR) in CSV format
  • 1000+ Canada/USA rate-centres
  • Local number porting for existing numbers
  • 800 Toll-free number porting for existing numbers
  • Fully redundant diversity options available
  • Meet-me handoff points across Canada
  • 24 x 7 Service monitoring


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